Destination weddings are the perfect combination of celebrating a special day in your life, and a vacation to somewhere you love (or have always wanted to visit). A wedding in Spain will give you the best chance of beautiful weather for your big day, and I’m sure the guest won’t have to think hard about a trip to the land of fiestas.

Casa La Siesta

A stunning boutique hotel in Cadiz, this is the ultimate wedding location that will make you feel like you are in a secluded piece of paradise. There are 8 generous rooms for you and the guests, not to mention incredible views of nature from all around.

The grounds have beautifully manicured gardens, a private courtyard in the sun, multiple lounging areas, and a couple of pristine pools to cool off in the hot sun, making this one of the most highly sought-after locations for special occasions.  

Awesome Wedding Locations in Spain

La Baronia

A hidden gem about an hour north of the bustling city of Barcelona, La Baronia is an exquisite casa with an intriguing history. Originally built as a chic house in an Art Nouveau style, the Spanish Civil War turned it into a military hospital, followed by a prison. Once the war ended, the home was taken back by the original owners and lovingly restored to its former glory.

A beautiful wedding venue for relaxation in absolute luxury, every space has been carefully designed, styled, and cared for. The grounds are ideal for outdoor ceremonies surrounded by nature, while the interior spaces are perfect for admiring the rich details and baroque art work.

Awesome Wedding Locations in Spain

Can Morato

A popular wedding venue just a quick drive from Barcelona, Can Morato is a dreamy equestrian estate that is nestled between beautiful national parks. The rustic details and strong history of the house make it the perfect location for romantic weddings in a serene setting.

Plan your entire day from the ceremony in the little chapel, reception in the beautiful farmhouse, and dancing in the main garden space, surrounded by millions of stars at night. 

Awesome Wedding Locations in Spain

La Cala Resort

A luxury hotel resort that has something for everyone in your guest list, La Cala offers stunning views of the Andalusian countryside and even hints of the beautiful Mediterranean. Designed for absolute pampering and relaxation, the resort offers secluded spaces for wedding parties and an award-winning spa to ease those wedding jitters.

With gorgeous views from all around the grounds, there are endless photo opportunities, along with plenty of activities for guests during their downtime. With easy access from Malaga airport, your guests will love celebrating your special day in absolute luxury.

Awesome Wedding Locations in Spain

Castillo Buen Amor

A wedding venue with a fitting name, Castillo del Buen Amor is the ultimate romantic getaway for couples who are looking to tie the knot. Located just a short distance from Salamanca and the busy streets of Madrid, the property is in a secluded area that feels miles away.

Perfect for parties of all sizes, there are several different areas to enjoy for the ceremony, reception, partying, or just lounging in total relaxation. The main building also has 41 rooms to accommodate all of the guests, so everyone can celebrate into the early hours.

Awesome Wedding Locations in Spain

Jardines de Alfabia

Filled with rich history and charm, Jardines de Alfabia is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. Nestled in the famous Sierra de Tramuntana, there is a wonderfully calm environment for gathering with loved ones and celebrating the love between two people.

The main house is a unique mix of different styles that have been added throughout the history of the property. With hints of classic English, ancient Arabic, bold Gothic, delicate Renaissance, and strong Baroque styles, you can easily spend hours admiring every last detail.The surrounding gardens are designed to be explored, with something to discover around every corner.

Awesome Wedding Locations in Spain