Chic, romantic, and luxury to the last detail, a French-style wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your love. Often small and intimate compared to many countries that prefer over-the-top affairs, the French know how to keep things elegant and sophisticated.

To pull off a French wedding style, there are a few details that are an absolute must, and if you have a strict budget, there are plenty of alternatives that can help you save money, yet still give you the classic look without burning a hole in your wallet.


You might be visualising the Eiffel tower all lit up, and a huge celebration with millions of candles, but the classic French wedding is actually a very subtle occasion that is normally located in the beautiful countryside. 

A small château, rustic villa or traditional manor are the perfect locations for getting married the French way. Whether they are perfectly manicured gardens or just the natural untouched landscape, the main point is to have a serene atmosphere.   

French Style Wedding
French Style Wedding

Wedding Party 

You won’t see a procession of bridesmaids and groomsmen in a French wedding, the bride and groom go it alone at the altar, with only the two witnesses by their sides to sign the declaration at the end. One thing that the wedding will have that is similar to other weddings are the flower girls and ring bearer. 


Simple with a bohemian touch, the flowers and decorations will have a sophisticated rustic minimalist look. Fresh flowers, lace ribbons, handwritten place cards, cotton table linens, and many elements from nature will make up a classic wedding style.

Wedding favours for the guest will have a similar style to the rest of the wedding décor. Consider simple French lavender soaps, monogrammed handkerchiefs, linen scented sachets, or go back to the truly traditional dragée, which is the french version of Jordan almonds in a little cloth bag. 

French Style Wedding
French Style Wedding


The groom is expected to wear a classic suit made of a fine fabric like silk, linen, or cashmere. The bride can either have a minimalist dress style made of silk, chiffon, or understated lace. A French wedding is not the occasion to wear risqué styles or anything extravagant. Accessories will also be sophisticated and minimalist.

As for the guests, they are traditionally allowed to wear anything they please (meaning there are no imposed dress codes), but the men will generally wear suits and women will have understated outfits so as not to rival the bride.

Food and Drinks

Now is the time to get those gourmet favourites for your canapés, amuse-bouche, and traditional reception. Consider truffles, foie gras, escargot, fresh baguettes, a selection of cheeses, cornichons, onion soup, and anything else that would tickle your fancy.

As for the drinks, get a good selection of champagne, French wines, sparkling water, and lavender lemonade for anyone wanting a refreshing non-alcoholic option.

The traditional western wedding cake is replaced with a croque-en-bouche, which is a lovely tower of petit choux pastry puffs that are filled with custard or chocolate, and stuck together with drizzles of caramel.

French Style Wedding
French Style Wedding