Top 5 Details for Fairytale Weddings in Kokkedal Slot

A true fairytale love story should be celebrated in style. Planning a Wedding in Kokkedal Slot needs little planning, as the location is very well known for its incredible architecture and beautifully manicured gardens. To help you plan a romantic castle wedding, there are a few things to consider to make everything look perfect.

Think About the Season

While it's true that Kokkedal castle looks incredible all year round, your wedding should be in the season you both love most. This is a detail that many couples forget to consider, yet will make a big impact on the big day. 

Think about what would feel most comfortable and romantic to say “I do”. Take a look at the castle grounds and think about the changing landscape around you. Most popular wedding venues will have photo galleries to beautifully display the setting in every season. 

Choose Your Style

Once you have the season figured out, take the time to think about your ultimate wedding style. Are you more of a classic wedding couple, something more outgoing, or perhaps you want to match the traditional elegance of Kokkedal? 

There are no right or wrong answers here, the most important thing to remember is this will be your special day and should be celebrated however you want. Plenty of couples also get their guests involved by requesting certain dress styles to give the day a complete look and feel.


The beauty of a castle wedding is the endless space it provides. No matter how large or small the wedding may be, there will be something for everyone, especially if you add some fun entertainment for guests of all ages. 

Plan for both indoor and outdoor entertainment that will keep guests busy and exploring. Think about live music, dancefloors, interesting sitting areas, and a variety of games. As much as weddings can be a fun event for friends and family, providing a little extra talking points will make the day that much more memorable.


Perfect photography locations are often left for the photographer and videographer to decide, but you can also take a look around the venue for anything you find interesting. If there are any sites or details that you like, make sure to tell the photographer and they will let you know how well it would work for photos.


A castle wedding is something that everyone will remember for a long time to come, but why not give yourself and all the guests a chance to get a full experience by giving them luxurious castle accommodations as well? 

Give your guests the opportunity to experience a lavish party and first-class accommodations in a castle that has entertained so many over the centuries. Everyone will love to party the night away without having to worry about travel or accommodations for the night.

A castle wedding in a picturesque location is the perfect way to celebrate your love. A venue that looks incredible with most details already taken care of, there are just a few things to consider for the day, leaving you both free to enjoy every moment, in a fairytale for two.