Wedding videography styles out there

If you are planning a wedding and want your story to be portrayed in the best possible way, then you must be thinking about booking a wedding videographer. However, what you should consider when looking for the right professional is their style. Even though many creatives work with one or two, it is vital to have a general idea about wedding videography styles in order to make the right decision!


Inspired by the iconic cinema, this approach focuses on the artistry of light and specific angles, but also on laying out a visual narrative that leads to the spectacular conclusion. It is a wedding videography style that focuses on your emotions, combining short films and storytelling. Often, there is some drone action, voiceovers, and slow-motion for a dramatic effect.

Short Form or Highlight

A style often combined with the others, it is a short wedding video composed of the highlights of your big day. From the morning preparations to the reception, everything is covered in a lovely film of 5-10 minutes. If you want this option, make sure to check whether your chosen videographer has it in their package.


Its name party explains that this wedding videography style is dedicated to telling your story through video and audio - featuring voiceovers and music. With a high emphasis on how everything came to be and how the story now unfolds, you will find it commonly combined with the cinematic style for an elevated result.


Documentary worships your real moments that are unstaged. It is focused on filming your whole day but the result is not so polished. It is more of a classic way of capturing, without putting an emphasis on different angles or emotions. However, there is room for creativity and artistic expression, so it will solely depend on the professional.


This is a classic portrayal whose main focus is the ceremony and reception. There is no complete storytelling like morning preparations, details, and in-between. The edit is simpler and the tools used to capture everything are fewer in contrast to other styles.

We hope we answered your question about wedding videography styles. If you need professionals to cinematically capture your big day, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to become a part of your story.