While traditional wedding vows are usually very structured, you don’t have to be quite as strict while writing your own. This outline is a great place to help you get started.

  1. Start with a statement about who this person is to you. Your best friend, your lover, your partner in crime, or your everything, how you met story is always a great start.
  2. Continue by saying what it is you love about your partner. What about this person has led you to promise forever? When did you realize you were in love? What do you miss when you’re not around each other?
  3. Use a story to bring this love to life. This is a great moment to tell a story or use an anecdote to bring your love to life. A personal story is memorable and will give your guests an intimate look into your love for one another.
  4. Lay out exactly what it is you are promising. Make promises to your partner and vow to stick to them. Such as, “I vow to always support you,” or “I promise to never steal the covers unless, you’re hogging them.” Mention specific ways you will show your love— in romantic ways, funny ways and ways only the two of you could understand.
  5. Use funny wedding vows to personalize your promise. Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. Add humor to your wedding vows so they stay true to the two of you.
  6. Mention specific things the two of you will do together. Continue this portion of your vows by mentioning the specific things you will accomplish together. Using phrases like: “With you,” “I will,” and “Together.”
  7. Don’t forget to add that you’ll be there even when times get rough. Reassure your partner that this is for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.
  8. Wrap your vows up with a look towards the future. Think about your goals, aspirations and future. Will your love help you through the home remodel? How will your love set the tone for the way you raise your family? What are you looking forward to sharing with this special person.
  9. “As long as we both shall live.” End your vows with one last promise, the promise of forever, for eternity and until death do us part.
  10. Don't try to include everything. It's understandable to want to fit everything you're feeling into your vows—but in reality, you just can't include everything.
  11. Embrace sentimentality. This isn't the time to worry about being corny or cheesy. "If the words are heartfelt, then they're not cheesy,"
  12. Practice reading out loud. The only way to make sure everything sounds perfect is to hear it out. “Reading your vows out loud will help you catch spots where the grammar might be iffy or where you’re missing a word as well as figure out if the structure is cohesive,” Dent explains.
  13. Indicate pauses and intonation. "You’ll want to allow time to laugh or tear up without interrupting your flow," says Dent. "For the best comprehension and emotional reactions, take it slow and focus on breaks, pauses, and intonation.”
How to Write Your Vows template
How to Write Your Vows template

Romantic Wedding Vows

Is there really anything more romantic than devoting yourself to another person for the rest of your life? Use your vows to speak words of love that’ll even touch your guests’ hearts. Use our collection of romantic wedding vows for inspiration or use them word-for-word.

  • I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving. I promise to try to be on time. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you.
  • I have to catch my breath to believe this is real, that I am marrying my true love, my heart’s desire, and my best friend.
  • As I promise always to be true I promise myself to you.
  • No words can possibly express the vow that I give to you now – it is an ineffable part of myself that I place in your care as we join together.
  • Our love will bind us together through all time and this I promise, to always be true.
  • I knew I loved you from the moment we met, and I have been helplessly lost in your eyes ever since.
  • I promise to grow with you and build with you a better life each day as we learn from each other to be patient, kind, giving, and to always cherish each day together.
  • My commitment to you is one if give willingly, absolutely, and without hesitation. I am yours utterly and have been since the moment we met. We were married before this day and will always be.
  • I promise you my unconditional love, tenderness, and undying devotion, to not ask you to be more than you are, and to love you for being you.
  • I promise to be here to wipe away tears of sadness, to elicit tears of joy, and to cry out to everyone who will listen how much I love you.
How to Write Your Vows template

Funny Wedding Vows

Weddings are all about happiness and the celebration of love but, wedding planning, writing vows and even the ceremony itself can be stressful. Add a little humor to your ceremony with a couple of funny wedding vows that are fitting for the two of you. Use light-hearted jokes, anecdotes and entertaining stories to your full advantage.

  • I vow to never steal the covers unless, you’re hogging them.
  • I vow to turn on the heater when you’re freezing cold, even if I’m burning up.
  • I promise to take out the garbage, even in the pouring rain or freezing cold.
  • I promise to get up and get our remote from across the room, even if it was not I who placed the remote so very far away.
  • I promise to always respect your choice of music in the car when you are driving. If you are not driving however…
  • I promise to root for ______ even though I could truly care less who wins.
  • You are the one I want to binge watch Netflix with forever.
  • I promise to love you as much as the Chicago Cubs and not hold your black and white striped dress against you.
  • Let’s be the only people to get each other’s jokes.
  • I vow to be your spell checker, grammar friend, and tell you when things need hyphens. I promise to be your partner in exercise, even if I am much faster than you, and most of all, I promise to try things, even though I am sure I will not like them, just because you say, “try this!”
  • I promise to share the covers, leave the light on, make sure the toilet paper is stocked, not use all the hot water, and do as many dishes as I can stomach, as long as we both shall live so help me God.
How to Write Your Vows template
How to Write Your Vows template