The wedding venue and photography location are two of the most important details to decide for your wedding day. A Danish palace is pretty much going to guarantee a lavish day that will make you both feel like royalty. 

Planning a luxurious wedding in Denmark will have you spoilt for choice as the country has an impressive selection of palaces that are available for rent. The only problem will be choosing the right palace to match your style and wedding size.

Fredensborg Palace

A Royal Family residence that is still in use, the Fredensborg Palace was built in the late 1700s and is considered one of the loveliest Danish locations for a classic sophisticated wedding. The perfectly manicured Baroque gardens and dozens of beautifully detailed sculptures not only depict Norse history, but they are also an idyllic backdrop for striking wedding photos.

The grounds have something special to offer each season, from dainty flowers in spring to towering color-changing trees in autumn. There is little to plan in a location like this, the main decision to make is to choose which season will be the perfect one for the day.

Grasten Palace

A Royal summer residence that often leaves visitors filled with awe, Grasten Palace is a beautiful wedding location for weddings big and small. It includes an opulent chapel for the main ceremony, beautiful English landscaped gardens, and over 6km of grounds for you and your guests to explore. Perfect for couples who want to have a wedding surrounded by the outdoors. 

Bernstorff Palace

Another eye-catching location for celebrating with the ones you love, Bernstorff Palace was built in the late 1700s, and has since been converted into an elegant hotel and wedding venue. Ideal for couples who want an all in one package for their special day. The impressive architecture and stunning gardens instantly create an elegant affair, and little effort is needed to prepare for the day, so there is plenty of time to explore the grounds and appreciate the palace's history.

Amalienborg Palace

Set in central Copenhagen, Amalienborg Palace is close to it all. With easy access and plenty of sights to explore, this is a beautiful location with year-round events for all to enjoy. Close to a lovely waterfront garden and intricately designed for the Royal Family, you and the guests will feel like true VIPs in every space around the venue. 

Choose from a variety of locations both indoors and out to plan the perfect backdrop for the ceremony, pre-dinner cocktails, formal reception, and endless options for a truly memorable photography shoot.

Liselund Palace

Perhaps one of the most romantic wedding locations for a palace wedding, Liselund is the romantic gesture from a nobleman named Antoine to his wife Lisa. The long meandering paths allow visitors to explore the perfectly designed classic English gardens, and there are quite a few eye-catching buildings on the property that offer a range of interesting styles for photo ops 

Enjoy the main building, which  is a small French country house, beautifully presented for intimate celebrations, or choose one of the other homes for something a little more unusual. There is a classic Swiss house, a Chinese-styled summer house, an understated Norwegian house, and a grand Italian-style manor at the top of the hill.