Switzerland is one of the most attractive destinations if you are looking for a picture that has mountains with snow-capped peaks as a setting. You will be able to alternate them with houses that seem to come out of the pages of a story and forests that hide lakes of pure and crystalline waters. 

Can you imagine before the lens of a professional photographer as if you and your partner were the protagonists of a novel or the princes of a story in which love triumphs?

There are other options. You can opt for a farm in the middle of the countryside, an old convent, the centre of one of the most important capitals on the planet, buildings that add up to centuries of history, an island under the Caribbean sun... 

You decide the place. A plane ticket, the wedding suits and, of course, the photographer is all you need. 

Wedding photographer in Thun Switzerland

A perfect wedding in Switzerland!

If we could choose a destination for the best wedding in history, there is no doubt that we would choose Switzerland. This location is vibrant from any perspective, and its enchanting landscapes awaken the senses towards an environment where contact with nature is, without a doubt, sublime! 

Between details that opt ​​for the rustic, with indie, hipster accents and nuances of chic character, this royal wedding will fascinate you. By the way, its panoramic views will make you dream of a day surrounded by beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away. 

Wedding photographer in Thun Switzerland

Where to hold the ceremony?

Having decided on a wedding ceremony in Switzerland, it's time to think about the place where this event will take place. These can be picturesque landscapes of wildlife and mountains, beautiful urban beauties among the original architecture of Geneva, Lausanne or Montreux, and blue waters of the purest lakes in Switzerland. 

The choice of a wedding venue depends only on you, or rather, on what is closer and warmer to your heart. The main thing is that the memories remain impressive and unforgettable.


Zurich is a city of chic and natural beauty. You will find many panoramic views of the famous Alps, which blend seamlessly into the urban landscape. Zurich is carved with a variety of old streets, the bends of which are remembered by the ancient Romans. This is a wonderful place for a wedding photo session and a solemn painting.


Choose the beautiful town of Lugano for a wedding ceremony in Switzerland, somewhat reminiscent of Rio. Here you will see a lot of Spanish flavour among the local traditions, and enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes. Lugano forms a small bay on Lake Ceresino, widely spread at the foot of the mountains of Monte Bre and Salvatore. The perfect place for a dream wedding in wonderful Switzerland!


Morcote, a small European village in Switzerland, is called a pearl located on the Ceresio peninsula. You will be captivated by the unforgettable views of the colourful local houses, which have comfortably taken their places along the coast. Arrange an outdoor wedding ceremony in the middle of the Scherer Garden - and the unforgettable impressions of the wedding away from the bustle of the city will fill this special moment with harmony, happiness, and love.


If you are a couple who loves skiing or loves high mountain scenery and hiking, consider Zermatt for a wedding. This peculiar village is famous for its mountain slopes and is considered the best resort in Switzerland. Therefore, you will get a lot of indescribable impressions from a wedding held in this amazing place.

Lake Lucerne

The ideal place for a wedding in Switzerland is Lake Lucerne. This body of water, enchanting in its beauty, resembles the shape of a cross when viewed from above. Many legends have been created by mankind about this unique place in Switzerland's heart. It will be a truly unforgettable wedding if you organize an outdoor painting ceremony right on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

Lake Geneva resorts

Lake Geneva is a place that inspired Byron himself with its unforgettable landscape. So naturally, it will be an exciting activity for you to drink a glass of champagne after the cherished words of consent to carry out the union at one of the resorts in the area. It is no wonder that Geneva is famous for its measured pace of life - here, nature itself is ordered to enjoy every minute of your wedding.

Wedding photographer in Thun Switzerland
Wedding photographer in Thun Switzerland

Wedding photo session in Switzerland

Having been in Switzerland for your own wedding, it's a sin not to order a luxurious photo session among the local landscapes. Let the photographer work with you for more than one hour, but the result will exceed all your expectations. You can not only enjoy the colour of the country, walking through the original streets of Swiss cities but also capture breathtaking shots in wedding dresses. Such a wedding with a photo shoot will be a wonderful memory for you for many years of a happy life together.

Wedding photographer in Thun Switzerland